Mini Quad Bros 200mw 32ch Raceband VTX

Now with Raceband

This tiny 200mw 32 channel video transmitter has every standout feature we love, built into one package.

Fits perfectly into the MQB Jabberwocky 180 Frame

Features and Specifications

  • Raceband channel separation.
  • 200mw. Perfect for FPV Racing. Anything over 200mw, and you're stomping on other racer's feed.
  • 32 Channel. The standard four frequency bands with eight channels each.
  • 5cm 90° SMA extension. No more breaking the SMA connector on the PCB during a crash.29.99
  • 6-24v (2s-6s) wide voltage input.
  • PAL/NTSC acceptable (auto switching).
  • 21*20*8mm form factor.
  • 5g weight.

Frequency Band and Channel Chart 

Raceband in RED




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