Naze32 Acro

A breakout cable and pre-soldered 90 degree header pins included with every Naze32 order.

The Naze32 is arguably the best and most affordable flight controller on the market. It's highly recommended for any drone racing platform due to it's fast 32-bit processor. Combine the Naze32 with Baseflight or Cleanflight configurator for best results.

The Acro Naze32 features battery voltage monitoring so you know exactly when your voltage is too low and it's time to land. Couple this flight controller with a FrSky radio system like the Taranis and you'll enjoy the plug and play telemetry output from the Naze32's FrSky Telemetry system. This works best with a D4R-II for small fpv racing drones. An onboard USB makes setup and configuration as simple as pie.

We also have your Naze32 mini quadcopter PIDS covered. Once you flash your board with the latest firmware, you can paste the settings from this file into the CLI tab. This will do most of the setup process for you. You may still need to adjust settings on the receiver tab, and disable or enable PPM mode depending on your radio system. These PIDS should have you locked in and ready fpv drone racing.

Download the settings here.

User Manual can be found here.






Type: Multirotor

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