We'll be honest, the Jabberwocky is the best 180 FPV Racing Frame on the market. Legend has it, it will stop a baby from crying.

Current Cleanflight CLI Dump for the Jabberwocky 180 with the suggested components.

Inspired by polyhedron geometry, the Jabberwocky 180 is a cute little frame with a knack for not breaking. It’s true, we did the math

The Jabberwocky 180 was designed around the PZ0420m 28x28 size FPV camera and the MQB Raceband VTX, both of these FPV components will fit perfectly into the frame.

Fully protects 22xx size motors and remains the lightest frame in its class to accomplish this.


  • Top and Bottom Frame Plate
  • 3D Printed TPU FPV Camera Mount for PZ0420m (Select 15° or 25°)
  • 6x 30mm Nylon Standoffs
  • 12x 10mm Steel Screw
  • 4x m2 5mm Screw to Mount the FPV Camera
  • Delicious Jolly Rancher

Optional Accessories (3D Printed TPU)

Click here for the full page of accessories

Frame Features and Specifications

  • Low Profile and Lightweight Design
  • 177mm Motor to Motor (180 Class)
  • 3.2mm Bottom Plate.
  • 1.5mm Top Plate.
  • 80g Including Hardware
  • 30mm Nylon Hex Standoffs
  • 10mm Steel Screws
  • 28x28 FPV Camera Mount (32x32 not supported)
  • Dip Switch Window for MQB Raceband Video Transmitter
  • Low Profile and Lightweight Design
  • Extended motor mounting area, keeping your motors safe from direct impacts.
  • Motor mounting patterns for m2 and m3 motors (1306-2208).
  • Metal screws and nylon standoffs, keeping the frame rigid and together, even in the worst of crashes.
  • Various 3D Printed Accessories to suit all your abusive needs.
  • Suggested Props: DAL 4045BN or, order in bulk and receive a discount with the Bulk Pack.
  • Suggested Motors DYS SE 2205 2300kv

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