Mini Quadcopter Kit for FPV Racing now with OneShot125 and Damped Light (3s & 4s capable)

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The Most Affordable Mini Quadcopter Kit for FPV Racing

Don't want to build it yourself? Check out the Tyrant 180 PNF

Instruction Manual work in progress :)

Pair it with the affordable Taranis X9D Radio and Receiver!

The DIY FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter Kit inludes all parts needed to build your own 250 FPV Racer. This takes RC knowledge, soldering skills, basic tools and supplies, (think heat shrink, zip ties, soldering station) and google searches! The quadcopter kit is ideally used for FPV Racing as it's built to take a beating!

Parts list for FPV Racing Mini Quadcopter:

  • Now ships with 4x Dal 5045 Tri-Props! Buy Extra Props Here
  • Acro Naze32 with Breakout Cable
  • 4x Your Choice of Mini Quad Motors.
  • NEW: 4x DYS XM20a ESCs Preloaded with BLHeli 14.1, OneShot125, and Damped Light *Update: 2mm bullet connectors on ESCs that easily connect to the motors. Add spare ESCs here.

  • 1x 5v/12v Filtered PDB
  • XT60 connector and 18awg wire for battery connection
  • Battery Voltage Monitor
  • Lipo Velcro Strap (Random Color)
  • ZMR 250 Carbon Fiber Composite FPV Racing Frame Add spare arms here

  • Mobius Camera Mount with Vibration Bobbins for Jello Free Video

  • FPV Camera Mount. 

All Spare Parts Sold on the Product Page

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How to Build a Mini Quadcopter for FPV Racing.
See it Fly.

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